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Chemical and Industrial

Chemical Transfer, Raw Ingredients, Solvent Recovery


We know the demands that the chemical and industrial arena pose to pumps, and how important it is to keep fluid contained, match chemical compatibility, and ensure health and safety standards. We are well established in the more industrial markets of the chemical industry, offering a range of pumps that give you the reliability and safety confidence for your operations.

Fluid Containment
Fluid containment is essential to guarantee the highest health and safety levels. We supply single or double seals with Perfluorolastomer elastomers and PTFE where appropriate to counter the abrasives, solids, or the risk of dry-running which can cause failure. We also offer ATEX compliant pumps with drive sets for the most stringent and hazardous environments.

Even in more industrial applications, cleanability is of the utmost importance to prevent cross contamination and to remove hazardous formulas. All our pumps can be cleaned in place without the need for disassembly and when mounted with the ports in the vertical position will be completely self draining.

Special Materials
When our standard 316L stainless steel is not enough, we offer a range of exotic alloys that suit the chemical compatibility of your fluid, thus greatly increasing your pump's life and reducing maintenance costs. We can also manufacture from carbon steels if a low cost industrial pump is required.

Abrasive Resistance
Pumps can have specially coated internals to reduce wear when pumping abrasive liquids and slurries without compromising chemical compatibility. Hard faced seals in Silicon Carbide or ceramic can be fitted to many pumps to give long and maintenance free life. Our circumferential piston pumps can even be re-manufactured and be fitted with oversize rotors to give continued service and efficiency if abrasive wear does occur.